09:F9:11" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Rollbots.


When Spin and Penny mess up a simulation Pounder asigns them to the training courses, but a mysterious zogansha uses some sort of magic. Soon spin finds himself jumping around the city from random messages.

Meanwhile Pounder finds Zilla and Bug



  • When _ is using his septor one eye is missing.
  • When Spin is in the Healing chamber some of his parts are lighter while other are darker.
  • When Penny is talking to Captain Pounder about Spin her pupils are lighter than usual and her irises are darker than usual.
  • When Spin is talking to penny on the screan his eyes are slightly blurry, this could be because of the comlink.
  • When Octo is talking to spin he says: "Silla and Bug," this could be an audio error or because Spin was talking at the same time it was difficult to hear the correct dialog.
  • Throughout the Episode Spin's eyes change from pink to white.

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the first episode that Spin's abilities as a Zushin are hinted at sense House Call
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