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Botch is a bot in the trio of rogue bots that Vertex commands. He is quite evil, but lacks the brain capacity to plan things.


Botch looks like he has been patched together from scrap metal, being mostly different colors. His left arm has no hand, just a hole where an energy gripper forms when he needs to. He can shoot this out to grab on to things, and reel it in. He can also use it to drain energy from other bots. He also has a barely visible zurasho symbol on the right side of the piece of metal on the top of his head.


Energy Grappler: A stump with a hole where Botch's left hand used to be. He can form a grappling hook made of red energy on that stump whenever he wants to use it. He can shoot hooks, drain energy from other 'bots, grab things and pull them in, or just give a really powerful punch whenever he wants to use it. A common gag on the show is times when he shoots it at things and misses to he gets pulled and dragged behind whatever it happens to latch on to. Either that, or it could just pull him straight into another 'bots punch or a steel wall.

Extraction Circuit Scorcher (E.C.S.): A botmod that messes up a 'bots extraction circuitry and causes them to end up with all of their limbs to become stuck halfway out of their bodies. He only had this for one episode before it was destroyed.


Botch is evil but he is extremely stupid as he seems to have trouble planning things. He hates his fellow henchwoman, Manx, given the fact that she arrested him, prior to the two working for Vertex. Despite his animosity, he seems to be concerned with her and even calls her "Manxy" at times.

He is also ambitious as he plans on upseating Vertex and Manx.


  • The word, "botch", means to mess something up, hence why he always fails with his missions a lot.