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Bunto is an FCPD officer. He follows orders and enforces the law and does not let emotions get in the way of doing his job. This is evidence when he had no problem with arresting Spin (although they were never depicted as being close friends in any part of the show).


  • Siren: As a member of the FCPD, he has a spheroid drones that can follow him emitting the wail of a police siren.
  • FCPD Cuffs: As a member of the FCPD, he is issued with restraining devices with the appearance of green energy disks. When a bot is hit by on of this it create a container/prison constructed of energy to hold criminals. Rookies/trainees officers aren't issued with these.
  • Badge: As with most police forces members of the FCPD are issued with a badge to prove that they are police officers. Bunto posses one of these
  • Arm beam gun: He is equipped with a Bot-Mod in shape of a pop up cannon stored in this left arm that allows him to shoot destructive blue energy bolts that explode when they impact with an object or bot. This is the standard issue FCPD firearm.
  • Do-Right Modules: As the Kei'zatsu are the "the most law-abiding bots of all" and installing the module in criminals would be against their rights the Kei'zatsu were chosen to beta test the Do-Right Module in "The Do Right Module". This chip would shock the Kei'zatsu whenever they broke the law. This meant that whenever they tried to roll faster than the speed limit to catch speeders they would be hit by an electrical shock. This was so bad that if the Kei'zatsu were to yell they would be shocked. If they were to put their hand over the edge of the road then they would be shoked. This gave Spin great difficulty when he was trying to save a bot-tot who was hanging off the edge as he could reach his hand down to grab him and hale him up. This meant that the Kei'zatsu couldn't enforce the law or at all. If every bot had this device then this might be able to work and would mean that Kei'zatsu would be out of a job. But as the only ones who had the Mod were the Kei'zatsu they could not break the law as part of there job to enforce the law and keep the city safe. As Bunto is a member of FCPD he was also equipped with a Do-Right module,

Physical Appearance[]

Bunto looks like most other Kei'zatsu but has a custom paint job with blue legs and helmet.