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Chief Surgeon Koto to Brian Drummond

Chief Surgeon Koto, or just Chief Koto for short, is the head of the Kuzuri tribe and main caretaker of the hub. Though he exiled Penny from the Kuzuri tribe sometime before the series, he later unofficially accepted her back into the tribe and said she was welcome to come back anytime she got tired of working at the FCPD.


Healing Glove: Like any member of the Kuzuri tribe, Chief Koto has a retractable healing glove built into his right hand. It has only been seen once throughout the first season.

Various medical tools: Though he doesn't usually carry them around with him, Chief Koto has been seen using a wide assortment of tools used in healing other 'bots. They take on many different appearances, all having slim handles for easy usage.


The chief is larger than normal bots and is about the same size as Captain Pounder.