Commander Octo

Commander Octo (or just Octo for short) is the leader of the Zurasho tribe and head of all construction projects in Flip City. He has a strong dislike for Mayor Aria and is constantly complaining about her and her methods.


Various tools: In the large pack he carries around with him, he has a wide variety of hand-held construction tools.

Blow-torch: Octo is seen to have a welder built into his wrist. It is basically a small flame which he uses to weld things together.

Boomstick: Octo was the original owner of Spin's boomstick. He could never figure out how to use it, so he gave it to Spin, who still retains ownership.

Hammer: In the last episode of the first season, Octo is seen using a large hammer to battle Vett. It is only seen being used once and is thought to be very heavy due to its' large size.


As head of the zurasho tribe, Octo is exceptional with construction and building repairs. He has mentioned that he is the one who made and placed the FCPD symbol above the door to the presinct.

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