Enter the world of Flip City, where Spin and the rest of the Flip City Police Department must deal with a bank robbery on Spin's first day on the job. [1]


We see Spin rolling down the trax hurriedly at high speeds while performing numerous (and possibly dangerous) stunts to get him where he's going faster. We then see Lance spitting out a piece of a lugnut as Spin passes by, then proceeds to put up his siren and pursue him. As they get near the FCPD, Lance tells Spin to stop, but Spin doesn't hear him and rolls tight on in. He arrives minutes before Lance and stares in awe at his surroundings. He moves at the last second to unknowingly avoid Lance, thereby causing Lance to crash into someone and send lugnuts flyind everywhere.

Lance regains his posture and begins to arrest him, until Captain Pounder comes in and greets Spin very friendly-like. He seems rather annoyed by Lance's presence and questions why he's there. Lance begins to explain that he was arresting a criminal, until Pounder interrupts and tells Lance that Spin is acutally the FCPD's newest cadette. Lance just stands there stunned while spin grabs his cuff-puck.

Lance then argues with Pounder about why he shouldn't hire Spin as an officer.

Animation ErrorsEdit

In the scene where Lance dives back to catch the cuff-puck Pounder tossed, he dove backwards and fell on his head Spin his back was to the screen. Despite this, we saw him open his mouth. That would make it so he has a mouth on his back.

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