Fire Chief Cable

Fire Chief Cable

Fire Chief Cable is the leader of the Zobo'shi tribe. She holds a deep rivalry with Captain Pounder and is always finding some way to rile him up. She at first doesn't think much of Spin but after saving Flip City she changed her mind and said to Captain Pounder that he could join the Zobo'shi. Although by the way it was worded this was in part meant to rile Captain pounder but never the less it is still a great compliment to Spin and shows how her opinion of him changed. She is willing to come to the Kei'zatsu's aid as evidence in episode 25 where she answered Lance's distress signal.

BotMods Edit

Water Cannon: The nozzle on her left arm is a water. It can be used used as a weapon as she demonstrated in episode 25.

Appearance Edit

She is 85 percent yellow and she has a nozzle instead of her left hand.She is taller than Captain Pounder.

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