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The Kuzuri are one of the 12 tribes of Flip City. They usually are red in colour. They are the doctors of Flip City and are responsible for the health care of its citizens. They operate from the Hub and such are in charge of recharging bots. The Hub is a high security zone as evidence by the fact that security guards are Kei'zatsu Swat bots. This probably is due to the fact that the hub if the Hub was taken off line then all the bots in Flip City would lose their power source and gradually go into permanent safe mode (death).


  • Healing Glove: This botmod can heal or drain bots power. It can also be used to remove Do-Right Modules. They appear as a see through blue disk that they can create on the palm of the hands.
  • Diagnostic/recharge machine: This machine is a tube made up of blue energy that acts as a zero g zone. They are used to examine patients, recharge bots and to conduct operations.