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Penny is a former member of the Kuzuri tribe. She was banished from her tribe after getting in the way of her tribe's leader, Koto, during a surgery. Penny now works for the Kei'zatsu tribe. She may have been made to heal, but she can sure fight. She follows her instincts both on the battlefield and around the operating table, even if it means she sometimes goes against orders. She might have feelings towards Spin and has utmost respect for Manx.


Healing Glove: A special glove on her right hand that allows her to heal bots, put power into small machines, or drain the power of other bots.

Sound Scaper Prototype: Acts like an inferred camera and projects onto a holographic display. Allows you to check bots for injuries or show invisible Fangbots.

Physical Appearance[]

Penny is from the Kuzuri tribe, although she doesn't look like other Kuzuri. She is mostly silver with black marks on her sides and a red piece atop her alike hair. Her eyes are blue like Spin's except hers are shaped with points on the ends and eyelashes.

Skills And Techniques[]

Since she finished her kuzuri training before she was kicked out of her tribe, she is very skilled at healing. She is very agile and quick in her movements, though not as fast as Spin. She is skilled at hand-to-hand and close-range combat because of her healing glove and has shown the capability to take down a bot twice her size on her own (i.e. Macro, Pounder).

Penny BallForm and Speed[]