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Phaze is a rogue bot from the Zurasho like Botch, he was even a member of the Triads, also like Botch. The only difference is that Phaze quit the Triads while Botch was arrested and left for dead. Phaze was actually the one who let Botch join the Triads, Phaze did this shortly before he quit the Triads to go solo. He also seems to have a slight crush on Manx despite the fact that she hates him because he somehow caused her to lose her job at the FCPD.


Electro-magnets: Small, circular magnets that can fry the circuts of any 'bots they come into contact with. Phaze is the only known Rollbot so far that can handle these dangerous weapons withought bringing harm to himself. He keeps one of these magnets in a secret compartment behind where his left eye used to be. They can also be used to levitate 'bots into the air, create force fields, and even bend metal.

Magnetic Velocity Boosters: Small rockets attached to Phaze's legs that allow him to hover above the trax and go at a speed that can match even Spin's. He used these in the second and last episode he was seen in before he was arrested again.


Unlike pretty much every other 'bot in Flip City, Phaze has a seeming immunity to the effects of electro-magnets, allowing him to handle them without any harm to himself. His velocity boosters allow him to go as fast as Spin, but without them, he's only as fast as an other 'bot in the city.

Physical Appearance[]

Phaze is one of the stranger looking 'bots in Flip City. He only has one eye (the reason he lost his eye is still unknown), he keeps electro magnets in a compartment where his other eye used to be. He also sports a mohawk looking metal formation on the top of his head. His ankle joints are his strangest feature. They strangely resemble the ankle joints of a bird.