Pikea is a Fangbot (dog) owned by Miss Appie. He was seen in Spin's flashback, where the Kei'zatsu were fighting some unknown enemy (presumed to be the spiderbots). He appears to have been bred to defeat spiderbots, and he also used FCPD Maouver 42. Miss Appie said that he is "the last of the ..." hinting that he is either the last fang bot (but seeing as the bots knew what a fang bot was makes this unlikely) or the last of his particular bread of anti spider fang bots.

BotMods Edit

Pikea once ate a invisibility prototype BotMode which made him invisible (imagine having to take on a fierce guard dog, now imagine that the guard dog is invisible, not something I want to do).

This might not qualify as a BotMod but Pikea has big teeth that he uses to bite bots (and if he was bread to hunt spider bots then those teeth must be pretty fierce).

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