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The leader of the Kei'zatsu tribe and captain of the FCPD. He seems hard, but he's really a softie. He gives the impression of knowing Vertex intimately, but avoids discussing it. It's hinted that he is after Vertex, although the reason behind this is unknown. He does consider Vertex to be a high priority target though. However, it is obvious that he does not know Vertex is (or is now) a Spiderbot, and always dismisses the idea. He is secretly monitoring Spin.


Trolvodian Throwing Armour: Two projectile shields on both of his arms which he can use for both defence and offence.

Thunder Punch: A special botmod which puts large amounts of power in Pounder's fists which he releases with a punch.

Physical Appearance[]

Pounder is one of the biggest bots in Flip City,(the others being Cable, Octo, and Koto) so few bots are bigger than him (like Spider-bots such as Vertex and Vett). He is mostly blue and black with some red in the kei'zatsu symbols on his shields. He also had an eyepatch over his left eye that was revealed in "Paradigm Shift (Part 2)" to be lost after a battle with Vertex.

Progression through the show:[]


Pounder is consistently communicating with someone who is involved with Spin in some way, but they only communicate through Pounder's computer. In some point in the show, Pounder is forced to fire Spin by the Mayor after Spin declares that Vertex is an evil Spiderbot in front of them. When Spin is arrested, Captain Pounder declares him to be a dangerous criminal and he wants Spin behind bars; but that is only a cover to keep a close eye on Spin to protect him from something (presumably Vertex). In "Paradigm Shift (Part 2)", it is revealed that Pounder did know Vertex as Vertex greeted him familiarly (as of when he called Pounder 'general') and that Pounder can speak the spider-bot language quite fluently. At the end of "Paradigm Shift (Part 2)", he and Vertex both fall through a hole in the safety net; but not before telling Spin that he is a member of the Zushin tribe. It was also revealed in Spin's flashback that Pounder lost his left eye after being attacked by Vertex. It is unknown whether if Pounder and/or Vertex survived the fall from below Flip City as for the show, Rollbots was cancelled afterwards, leaving their both fates anonymous.



  • Spin attempts to give advice to Pounder about Vertex's whereabouts, however Pounder denies info and deletes the files containing his whereabouts, however, Pounder does send himself and a team of Swat Bots, the elite FCPD officers, to take out Vertex with a proton bomb, however the plan failed.
  • Pounder is a leader as Optimus Prime & Optimus Primal who were voiced by Garry Chalk in the Transformers Unicron trilogy & Beast Wars.