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Reboot is the missing Tensai who was thought to have been kidnapped. In the end it's appears that she chose to help Vertex with his plans to shutdown the Hub. She and Vertex's henchbots stole a experimental botmod called a crontab to take to the Hub to shut it down. The crontab could turn back time, and no one would remember. When they activated the crontab at the Hub however, it almost destroyed Flip City. Spin was the only one who noticed the time flux from the crontab's repeated use, and after a few repeated attempts to stop Reboot and the others, he was finally able to stop them before they could use the crontab to turn back time again. Vertex's henchbots escaped and left Reboot to be apprehended by the FCPD.

She learned everything she knows from Zilla and Bug, she is also famous for her 'holographic cake' trick used at Tensai birthday parties.


The crontab: An experimental botmod the Tensai Invented so they can control time so they could work faster. It could turn back at time and nobody will remember anything. Reboot stole the botmod to create a time flux to repeat time again and again to her control.

Physical Appearance[]

Reboot looks like any other RollBot from the Tensai tribe apart from her colour which is purple.