Roboto is a professional BotBall and a member of Zurasho tribe. He is the ace of Zurasho Slashers BotBall team. He is famous and is idolized by both Penny and Tinny. He seems to be an old friend of Spin as he is the one who got him tickets for a game and they seem to chat as Roboto says that he has heard a lot about Spin's friends from him. Confirming that they haven't just meet once some place, had a chat and he gave Spin the tickets (although that could have happened but their relationship is described as being friends so we assume that they have known each other for a while).

Appearance Edit

Roboto's body is the standard Zurasho model with a custom paint job of red and gold with a couple of 7s painted on his shoulders. He is described as being handsome by Penny.

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