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Swat bot

A SWAT bot

Swat Bots, short for Special Weapons and Tactics bot, are specially armed, specially trained FCPD officers who wear black and red armor rather than the standard white and gray. They are rarely seen except during special missions. They are better trained than standard FCPD bots, this can be seen when they protect "Ancient Orbs that can shut down the safety net" from Botch, Manx, and Macro. Apparently, Botch thinks they think they can do anything.


All Swat Bots undergo special training which was never shown in the episodes, however, the training pays off and can be seen in the episodes. They are trained to use jetpacks and transports. They have much better aim as well, they have a different laser than standard FCPD officers. They work closely with Capitan Pounder.


Swat Bots have only one observable bottoms, it is an,

Upgraded laser: All Swat Bots are given modified lasers from standard ones that are more accurate and more powerful