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Tamaki is the leader of a renegade group of pirate bots. She used to be a resident in Anakata Tower in Flip City, and was once partners with Anakata, a member of the Fuzata tribe. They worked on a bot mod that turns anything (even RollBots) into gold, but Anakata tricked her at the last minute and got all the credit for the bot mod. Tamaki wants revenge on her former partner and her share of the profits from the bot mod. It was soon destroyed after she reclaimed it. Her ship is called the "Black Dot".


There's has been no signs of any Botmods Tamaki could have. However, she has been shown to use a sword and gun like her crew members.


As stated above, Tamaki appears to be a strong fighter while using a sword. She also knows how to fire a gun.

Physical Appearance:[]

She seems to be a similar model to Mayor Aria of Flip City. She has a grey fan with the mark of her pirates on the top of her head. She's very high as we see from her long golden-grey legs, her head is golden-grey too, and her right eye is covered with a black eye patch (which isn't yet to be explained how she lost her right eye) while her left eye is blue.


Tamaki arrives at Flip City on her pirate ship. She and her crew start causing mayhem throughout the city. The FCPD show up and try to stop her but the pirate have the upper hand. Tinny arrives on her ship and asks to be apart of her crew but Tamaki refuses, but when Tinny says that he can get her all the gold in Flip City, she changes her mind and welcomes him to her crew. She tells her crew to prepare for battle in Anakata Tower to claim what she says is rightfully her's. Spin tries to board her ship and Tamaki tries to shoot him but Tinny quickly stops her and throws a, FCPD Cuff at Spin. Tamaki is frustrated with Tinny stopping her from firing the blow but Tinny tells her that Spin can be used to help get the gold she desires and solidly agrees with him. Her crew arrives at their destination, Tamaki puts a forcefield around Anakata Tower so that it stays put. She and her crew ambush the tower and steal whatever they can. Tamaki and Tinny arrive at the chamber where the treasure is, Tamaki uses her sword to cut threw the door and finds her old partner Anakata holding the treasure, so she takes the treasure from Anakata and brings him back to her ship. She orders her crew to seize Spin but Tinny volunteers to do it himself, she allows it and Tinny tricks her into freeing Spin. Tamaki is furious about Tinny bertraying her and order her crew to seize him and Spin, her crew ultimately fails and then she threatens to use her sword on Anakata as revenge for him betraying her long ago by framing her for making the Bot-Mod that produces gold and being kicked out of Flip City. Spin and Tinny quickly stop her and leave her ship with Anakata and Spin then attaches a rocket to the ship sending Tamaki and her crew falling down in the safety net which disables the forcefield around Anakata Tower. Tamaki and her crew escape with the ship using their cloaking device.