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Vertex (rollbot form)

Rollbot Form

Vertex is a SpiderBot, supposedly of the legendary Lost Tribe. First encountered by Spin, nobody believed that Vertex was a SpiderBot. Vertex can change form into a regular bot. He has an extensive knowledge of the city, and is searching for some way to conquer it with the help of Macro, Manx, and Botch, who are rogue bots. While fighting with Captain Pounder, they fall below to their apparent demise. Unfortunately, Vertex's fate was never ultimately confirmed after "Paradigm Shift (Part 2)", therefore it remains unknown if whether both Vertex and Pounder survived.

Physical Appearance[]

Vertex - rough balls form

Rough Ball Form

Vertex is a SpiderBot with four legs, tipped with sharp claws, glowing red eyes, and a mouth full of fangs. He posses a disguised form that makes him look like a rather large and creepy bot. But this allows him to trick the likes of Mayor Aria into thinking that he is a normal bot. In this form he is roughly twice the size (or more) of Captain Pounder. He his quite frankly massive and dwarfs bots the size of Spin. He is probably the biggest bot seen in the series. It is unclear how he manages to transform himself so drastically. He may use the same technology that Botch used to disguise himself as a Hai'bu. This is how he manages to keep his image with the mayor as being an upstanding citizen.


Vertex doesn't seem to actually use any botmods, but he does have access to information on a lot of the technology in the city. His knowledge extends from the dimex key he obtains in "Training Day", to Chief Gates' parallel dimension traveling invention as seen in "The Bazaar".