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Vett is a Spider bot like Vertex. Vertex is Vett's superior officer which is something that he wishes to change. He comes to Flip City going around causing a general disturbance going after artefacts. It appears that he did this to get merit to get promoted in the Spider bots ranks, as hinted with his discussion with Vertex. This also indicates that their are more Spiderbots somewhere outside of the city and that they have a Hierarchy system.


Vett doesn't seem to have any Botmods, like Vertex.

Physical Appearence[]

He's a Spiderbot, but unlike Vertex, uses what appears to be a Spartan helmet, and seems to have lights for eyes. Of all the times he is seen, he talks in the Spiderbot Dialect, safe for a few words in the Rollbot dialect, notably "Destroy!". When speaking in the Rollbot dialect, his speach is slow and heavily accented.