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Zilla is a Tensai, and Bug's partener. When paired up as a team, they make one of the best inventing teams in Flip City.


Zilla has used no bot-mods so far, but he and Bug have invented some so far.


Being a Tensai, Zilla is very technologically savy and good with everything from complex computers to simple machines. He has no combat skills seen so far, but it is not expected he is a very good fighter under any circumstance.


Zilla is a nerd who likes working with Bug on making new botmods. Zilla is secretly reading up on how to be a Zobo'shi and likes to try to figure out what Bug does in his free time.

Physical Appearance[]

Zilla looks just like Bug and any other tensai except for his colouring. He has a munsell yellow body and a white face. His eyes are grey and maintain the appearance of goggles.