Zushin are the lost tribe, and can see everywhere in Flip City, as they are the guardians of it. Spin is the last one. they can control the Hub, and have incredible powers such as Hyper Mode which grants super speed. A Zushin's authority over the Hub is limited to levels. The city tests Zushin to see what level is appropriate. In episode 15 Spin's level goes from level 1 to 2 after being tested. He is denied level 3 as he failed the last test. It is possible that before the tests he was level 1. The tests may keep going until the Zushin fails a task and deems the level of the last succeed task. Seeing as Spin's tests got harder, only stopped when he failed and at the end of the episode being told by the city that he had level 2 but was denied level 3 points firmly towards this. It is unknown what a Zushin with level 1 access can do but Zushin at level 2 are informed of any malfunction in Flip City no matter how urgent or import (such as routine adjustments) but they can ask the Hub to only show them important notifications. Zushin have the ability to repair themselves. Although it is unknown whether this part of level 2 as it was shown after Spin reached level 2 and he commented that he did know he could that, but it doesn't make sense for a self heal ability to be restricted to level 2 but it does appear that Zushin can auto heal themselves on the fly. Zushin appear to have the ability to automatically dodge clocked attacks made by a quantum phase changer (a drone that sends bots into another dimension), even when they have no idea that they are being attacked. The show was cancelled before anything more about them were revealed.

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